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Displaying 25 reports starting with Friday 8/18/17
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Sunday 8/13/17: A report from Captain Hunter & Crew of Navy Diver
Captain Hunter and crew went bottom fishing at AB Reef and had a lot of action on the Sea Bass weighing up to 3.0lbs while the 2nd biggest weighed in at 2.5lbs. All fish were caught on BP Clams.

Sunday 8/13/17: A report from Keiran of Miss Anna
Fishing South Buoy 4, Keiran landed a 6.9 lb Fluke using 4 in white swimming mullet Gulp.

Saturday 8/12/17: A report from Cliff and Vikki of Lucky Catch
Fishing Reynold's Channel just East of Atlantic Beach, Vikki and Cliff angled a 6.25 lb Fluke. The Fluke was caught using Bay Park's boxed squid and spearing.

Friday 8/11/17: A report from Bradley, Kat, and Olivia of Cam Kat
It was Ladies Day of the Cam Kat, Capt. Bradley, Kat and the captain's daughter Olivia caught a total of 6 keeper Fluke and 7 keeper Sea Bass at the Northwest corner of AB Reef. Kat caught the biggest Sea Bass weighing in at 4.5lbs! Kat now holds the biggest Sea Bass record for this season!

Friday 8/11/17: A report from Mark Fuhrman of Karen Lee
Mark Fuhrman had a successful day at the Margaret and limited out on Fluke weighing up to 6.55lbs! All fish were caught on Spearing and Squid.

Wednesday 8/9/17: A report from Mike Redmond & Son Michael of Lili Mist 11
Made the trip to the Cholera today. First 2 hours non stop Fluke & Sea bass, some small Blues in the mix. One 25 in Fluke hit the deck right before slack tide. Things slowed down at Slack but later we continued to catch but all below limits fish, Going back tomorrow. Bay Park Spearing Squid was the bait of choice.

Sunday 8/6/17: A report from Tom Walls & Craig of Miss Kara Jean
Capt. Tom Walls and brother-in-law Craig landed this doormat fluke (8.30 lbs) fishing the needle in Reynold's Channel. The crew angled the fish using Bay Park spearing and 4 in white swimming mullet gulp.

Thursday 8/3/17: A report from Brad Gillman of Indelible Marks
Brad did a day trip to the Hudson Canyon & had a some Yellowfin Tuna to 80lbs. The fish took rigged Bally Hoo & Green Machine daisy chains

Thursday 8/3/17: A report from Frank Forster, Bryan Tag & Mike Buckley of Baby 6
Frank Forster, Bryan Tag, and Mike Buckley limited out on the Fluke today up to 4.25lbs! All fish were caught at the Cholera using Spearing and Squid. Weigh to go guys!

Thursday 8/3/17: A report from Chuck, Chris, Merri, & Chris Jr. Romas of Merri's Catch
The Romas Family went out flukin' by the Cedarhurst Yacht Club and caught 2 keeper Fluke, the biggest weighing 7.05lbs at 29in and 2.4lbs at 19in. All fish were caught on the incoming tide using spearing.

Wednesday 8/2/17: A report from Offshore Report of Bay Park Fishing Station
A few Yellowfins were caught at the 100 Square on the troll and some with chunking during the day. Good Tilefish action at the East Wall. As well as a few Bluefins at the Bacardi behind the Scallopers

Wednesday 8/2/17: A report from Adam Devine, Luis Remache, & Connor McCombs of Long Beach Waterfront Warriors
The Long Beach Waterfront Warriors took Adam Devine, Luis Remache & Connor McComb on a couple Fluke fishing trips out of Point Lookout and had great day on the Fluke bite! Adam Devine (US Marine) won the pool with the biggest Fluke weighing in at 4lbs, and Louis Remache (US Marine) caught a beautiful 27" Fluke weighing in at 8lbs! Connor McComb caught 4 keepers which was the most out of everyone on the boat! All Fluke were caught on Spearing and Squid.

Tuesday 8/1/17: A report from Willy, Ronnie, Les of
Fishing the AB Reef, the crew landed about 7 fluke and a few keeper sea bass. With the largest fluke weighing in at 6.35 lbs, the fish were caught using killies, spearing, squid and peanut bunker.

Tuesday 8/1/17: A report from Ed, Edward, Eddy and Scott of April Grace
With a total of 8 fluke and 5 sea bass, the crew had and action packed day at the Cholera. The fish were caught using spearing, with the largest fluke and sea bass weights at 4.60 lbs and 3.65 lbs, respectively.

Sunday 7/30/17: A report from Jeremy Sr. & Jeremy Jr. of Good Carma
Jeremy Sr. and Jeremy Jr. of 'Good Karma' went fluke fishing on the west side of Atlantic Beach bridge and caught a beautiful 6.7lb Fluke on the Outgoing tide!. They were using Peruvian spearing and cut squid.

Friday 7/28/17: A report from Joey Leggio & James McMillan of Frankie James
Joey and Macca went bottom fishing for Triggers and Porgies at a local wreck in 20ft of water. They caught a total of 20 keeper Triggers (only keeping 12) and 9 keeper Scups using BP Salted Clams!

Thursday 7/27/17: A report from Jerry Crawford & Crew of
Jerry and Crew went bottom fishing at both Hempstead Reef and Cholera. Cholera had a lot more action for them and they caught a total of 9 Keeper Fluke and 3 Seabass using Spearing and Squid.

Tuesday 7/25/17: A report from Jonah and Samuel Lindenbaum of Five Seas
Using bucktails and 4" white swimming mullet Gulp, Jonah and Samuel Lindenbaum angled a 7.95 lb Fluke. Aboard Capt. Steve's boat "Five Seas", the crew had a steady day, reeling in an additional 6 throwback shorts.

Sunday 7/23/17: A report from Capt. Nick Savene, Joey Leggio, Joe Principe, Sean Wilsusen, John Farrell & Tim Trotter of No Time Charters
Capt. Nick 'No Time' Savene strikes again with a monster 8ft Thresher! Joe Principe, Sean Wilsusen, John Farrell, Tim Trotter and Mate Joey Leggio hauled in a monster 430lb Thresher by the Three Sisters in 90ft of water. They quickly hooked up right when they started letting out the baits and reeled it in 45 minutes! They were using Bunker Chum and Butterfly Bunker. Great catch guys! If you want to have a fishing opportunity of a lifetime, give Nick a call at (516) 662-6519 for availability!

Saturday 7/22/17: A report from Eric & Kenny of Seamoose
The seamoose worked hard for its limit today! Fishing early at the ABR.Got two keeper quickly and the bite stopped. it took two more stops to catch a limit!! Nothing big but all fish over 21 inches!

Saturday 7/22/17: A report from Lloyd Malsin & crew of Nansea
Fished close and found new body of keeper fluke icing 12 fish to 6.60 lbs great on outgoing tide.

Friday 7/21/17: A report from Henry Samuels & John Linder of The Skiff
Henry Samuels and John Linder of 'The Skiff' went fluke fishing in Reynolds Channel by the High School this morning. Henry landed a beautiful 12.60lb Doormat, which is now the biggest Fluke weighed in at Bay Park Fishing Station for the 2017 season! Henry caught the monster on Spearing and Squid. Congratulations Henry!

Thursday 7/20/17: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea
Fished Wednesday for fluke on small piece south of inlet and had 12 keeper fluke and 10 seabass. Great action on incoming tide. Squid and spearing berman chummy Ronnie Larry and George released 30 shorts. Great day

Wednesday 7/19/17: A report from Capt. Nick Savene, Bobby, Austin, Sal, & Matt of No Time Charters
Capt. Nick 'No Time' strikes again! Mate Bobby, Austin, Sal and Matt landed a 130lb Bluefin Tuna at the Bacardi trolling Ballyhoo, while also catching another 47in and released a 'big one'. Weigh to go guys! If you're interested in chartering with Capt. Nick, give him a call at (516) 662-6519 for availability.

Wednesday 7/19/17: A report from Capt. T-Bone and Wesley of Seas the Day
Captain T-Bone and Wesley of 'Seas the Day' went fishing at Atlantic Beach Reef and landed a beautiful 6.85lb Fluke! Best bait for the Fluke fishing at the moment is whole squid.

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