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Displaying 25 reports starting with Monday 5/28/18
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Great day fishing for most of the entries in the KO Tournament. 1st Place - Junior & son Alex Junior on their boat 'Fish Tracker' had a 2 keeper bass & took 1st Place with a 42.35 lb striper caught trolling White Mojos & Green/White TGT spoons in 50' of water off of Deb's Inlet. 2nd Place - Lou Marino along with the crew of the 'Aurora Marie' caught the 2nd Place winner with a 37.3 lb striper - fished in 60' of water SW of Deb's Inlet using Green/White spoons. GREAT DAY FOR ALL! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS AND SINCERELY THANK EVERYONE FOR JOINING THIS TOURNAMENT.

Friday 5/25/18: A report from Chuck,& Merri, of Merri's Catch
Good day for Bass caught a 24.5Lbs Striper in 40Ft of water off Bch 113St off Rockaway Trolling White Mojo lures

Thursday 5/24/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nan Sea
5/23 Waited for thunderstorms to pass and then trolled 2 big bass on spoons while waiting for incoming and then caught 13 flounders just 1 short of our 7 man limit. We also had another keeper bass and released 25 shorts. Great action and beautiful weather.Crew was Steve,Dave.,Berman,Larry,Ronnie and Paul. Great day.

Thursday 5/24/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished Wednesday after the storms passed catching 13 flounder and 3 keeper bass releasing 20+ shorts. Lotsa action and great weather.

Wednesday 5/23/18: A report from Captain Mike of 'Quickie II'
- trolled a nice 24.5lb striped bass SW of Deb's Inlet using green and white T.G.T bunker spoons in 50ft of water.

Wednesday 5/23/18: A report from Jim Mooney of Miss Bev
fished to 9:30 am, only 2 hours of fishing, last of the outgoing tide in Reynolds Channel by the Lindell school. Caught 5 fluke, threw back 4 and kept one 21" long. I did use spro white headed bucktail jig and added short white pig tail(purchased at Bay Park Fishing Station). Second rig was Nuclear color Grubb from (Bay Park Fishing Station). Several party boats from Freeport and Point Lookout indicated slow pickings east of us, if their coming to our turf. Good luck to all.

Wednesday 5/23/18: A report from Capt K O, Matt, Robert,Gavin of Minus-1
Capt KO (Kenny Owens) Matt, Robert & Gavin fished South Southwest in 50 Feet of water fishing TGT Green & White Spoons had two Bass 38.0-lbs & 31.5 lbs Left the BayPark dock before 7AM Return before 10AM Great early morning Bite!!!!

Monday 5/21/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Trolled spoons and mojos for our boat limit with biggest going just shy of 40lb. Released a 38lb as we had our limit. All close to home.

Monday 5/21/18: A report from Capt. Morgan, Danny & Trif of 'Navy Diver'
- fished south of Deb's Inlet trolling MoJos and had nice size keeper bass. 28.35lb, 28.15lb and 25.21lb. Great job guys!

Monday 5/21/18: A report from Capt. Anthony & Pete of 'Contender'
- fished south of Deb's Inlet trolling in 50' of water a had 2 nice size striped bass to 36.6lb which Capt. Anthony caught. Largest for Bay Park this season!

Sunday 5/20/18: A report from Cliff Candiotti & Dave of 'Lucky Catch'
- fished Reynolds Channel drifting Spro Bucktails and fluke to 5.8 lbs.

Thursday 5/17/18: A report from Michael Redmond & Jim Sarnataro of Irish Mist
- fished by the AB Bridge using Spro Bucktails tipped with Gulp. Had a mixed bag - Bluefish 3-5lbs, 12 small bass and 6 fluke with 1 keeper.

Thursday 5/17/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Rainy Wednesday late start for proper tide we trolled 1 in mojos south of inlet then anchored and chummed 15 flounder and 35 bass keeping our limits. Great crew fished in the rain and done by 1:30 mussels and worm combos

Monday 5/14/18: A report from Richie Sorrentino & Ronnie Lemza of
- fished Jamaica Bay using Glass Minnow Teaser/Spro Bucktail and had probably the first 10lber caught on Long Island this season. Fluke was 30" 10lb. Nice one guys!

Sunday 5/13/18: A report from Rico and Anthony of GOLDFISH
Had a pretty good morning drifting for fluke in Reynolds channel,we were able to land a nice 25in fluke and multiple 18-19 in throw backs,all fish cought on bay park spearing and squid,and some on pink gulp !!!

Friday 5/11/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Trolled up 5 bass Wednesday morning 5 miles west of breezy and then caught 10 flounder before losing the tide. Released numerous short bass caught on flounder rigs. Great day

Thursday 5/10/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of NanseaII
Had a great morning on bass grounds keeping 5 for our 6 man group before switching up to catch 10 flounder on worm mussel combo. Great day

Wednesday 5/9/18: A report from Motorcycle Mike of Sea of Joy
Not far from BayPark Fishing Station in the bay, Mike caught & released a 6.55 lbs 27 in Fluke. Baypark spearing & squid did the trick. So far the biggest Fluke weighed in so far this season.

Monday 5/7/18: A report from David Brodie of Open Fly
David Brodie was plugging Hewlett Bay & Bluefish to 7.20lb & Striped Bass two keeper size & some short Stripers all released the best plug was Yo-zuri Mag Darter 5" Bronze

Monday 5/7/18: A report from Chris LaMastro of Michael J
I took out Fisherman George, Charlie and Anthony yesterday for the first try at fluking in the bay. We ended up with 4 nice fish to 23" and tons of shorts and sea robins by the Lindell school. Bay Park spearing and squid strips did the trick.

Sunday 5/6/18: A report from Frank Forster, Mike the Gaff & TJ Virgena of Baby 6
- fished Raritan Bay using Mojos & plugs (green & white), had up to 15 keeper to 31.5 lbs.

Sunday 5/6/18: A report from Angela & Motorcycle Mike of 'Sea of Joy'
- fished by the Firehouse using Bay Park squid and spearing on a east drift and had 2 keeper fluke weighing 2.2lb 19" & 2.3lbs 20".

Friday 5/4/18: A report from Capt. John of I Fish, You Fish
Fishing West of the AB Bridge, Capt. John angled a 2.8 lb and 3.6 lb Fluke. The fish were caught in approximately 20 ft of water with the use of Bay Park Fishing Station's boxed squid.

Thursday 5/3/18: A report from Jim Mooney of Miss Bev
Saturday 4-28-18 caught 4 bass in swift Creek just a stone's throw from the Bay Park Fishing Station. All were about 16-18 inches and were quickly released. Caught on 3/4" bucktail with short curly tail.

Thursday 5/3/18: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished outgoing tide west of breezy and landed 11 nice flounder with constant chumming. Released many small bass and kept one for the table. Great crew

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