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Displaying 25 reports starting with Friday 5/27/22
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Thursday 5/19/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Beautiful weather yesterday with many cod caught and released on local small pieces of bottom. Had constant action and 5 keepers for the crew. Couple of nice fluke as well on hard structure.

Saturday 5/14/22: A report from Jerry Gimmi, Mike Castaldi, Jordan Chelius of Abella
Fishing in 16-20ft of water, Jerry, Mike, and Jordan caught six fluke (along with one blowfish), with the heaviest weighing 3.80lbs! Using Pink Shine Gulp, they caught the fluke over by the Long Beach School!

Monday 5/2/22: A report from Capt Matt Roth of BEAST
Capt Matt and Doc Mike went out Sunday in search of Bass on Fly. Ran west to Raratin bay early and found um by the lighthouse hump in 25ft of water. Pulled a few there before the tide changed then it slowed. Steve on Total Chaos called us in on a bite off Rockaway. Ran back east to find bass boiling on the surface from 25-35ft under the birds. Matt and Mike bailed 24 bass (all on fly) with multiple double headers for the next few hours. Mostly slot fish with a few overs and a few unders. Bass were following hooked fish right up to the boat where we pitched another fly and doubled up....insane sight fishing. Exceptional fishing, beautiful weather and calm seas...a day we will not soon forget!

Thursday 4/28/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Double limits of bass yesterday in less than ideal conditions. Tough crew and heavy boat made for successful fishing. Tried flounder but only one keeper w small bass on mussels. Glad we went . Only boat out there

Saturday 4/23/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Another great morning of bass fishing with easy limit releasing 4. Tried linging with a dozen caught before wind came up. Made a black fish drop catching many just short and some cod great day

Thursday 4/21/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Great bassing continues with 6 man limit and 6 released. mojos got the bigger fish with some shorts on the flutter spoons.Left dock at 11:45 back by 4:00.

Monday 4/18/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Ran out to beat the east wind coming and found the birds with 25 releases and 4 for the table. Mojos and small spoons back by noon.

Friday 4/15/22: A report from Frank Forster, Brian Miedzinski, Mike Esposito, and Louis Cafero of Baby 6
Fishing west of Raritan Bay, Frank, Brian, Mike, and Louis caught 2 striped bass, weighing 15.25lbs and 14.50lbs! In 30ft of water, they used Mojo rigs and shad rigs!

Friday 4/15/22: A report from Owens Team of ‘Fighting Irish’
Team Fighting Irish weighs in FIRST Stripers of the season !! Capt Kenny Owens put Brayden Owens & the team on a great day of Striped Bass fishing in Raritan Bay up by Great Kills area. Kenny said the Ben Parker Flutter Spoons he picked up from Bay Park Fishing worked extremely well today !!!

Thursday 4/14/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished reef yesterday picking away at blackfish with crabs and clam both producing. Threw back some fat females keeping 3 males with largest at 5 lbs.Also boated 12-15 cod with most just under legal size with a 24incher in the box.We also had 1 flounder.Ridiculous fog came up just in time for the trip back.Glad I tuned the radar before we left the dock.

Sunday 4/10/22: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
First trip of the year saw only 2 flounder with water temperatures just a little too cold. Will try again soon

Friday 4/8/22: A report from Capt. Nick Savene of No Time Charters
Rob Lussono & John had a great 1/2 day trip with Capt Nick Savene On the ‘No Time Charters’ They had 10 cod to 15lb & 5 Blackfish to 5lb! Call Nick & book your trip !!!!! 516-662-6519

Sunday 12/5/21: A report from Jim Mooney of Miss Bev
12-4-2021 10:00 am outgoing tide west of Deb's inlet off Rockaway Beach. Bunker pods off the beach. Caught several large bluefish live lining bunker. No striped bass in this area. Had a whale breaching all morning 200' away. Marine radio was abuzz with reports of Tuna fish further to the east. Optimal weather, little to no wind. A great day on the water.

Thursday 11/18/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished 11/17 blk fish with Pete,Kevin,Steve and George boating 15 keepers and one nice cod on sticky rocky bottom 15 miles so east of debs.Weather went from 1-2 becoming 4-5 as we pulled anchors.Awesome job by our mate George and Kevin Grant in getting both anchors out.Green crabs and snafu rigs were the ticket.Our best day this year.

Thursday 11/11/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished wed.for blacks with wind against tide all morning forcing us to put out 2 anchors. Great life on west reef with only 4 recs among the 125 plus blacks we caught.Best was right at beginning of outgoing.Trolled home and lost an over in 56 ft of water west of debs on a yellow spoon.We saw the fish and dropped as we went to net. Too big to keep.

Sunday 11/7/21: A report from Team Arapaho-Peter, Pete, Paul & Joe of ‘Ellen Marie’
Limited out in 1/2 an hour this morning in 45ft of water fishing south of Jones Inlet, they caught the bass on TGT spoons Yellow & White on Bluewater Candy 24x6 Chartreuse Mojo Tandem.

Thursday 11/4/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Trolled 3 slots and released 5 overs yesterday in and among the western schools of bait and then tried to find open parking spot by Rockaway but heavy traffic forced us on to sticky rig capturing bottom with great shortlife but way to sticky to stick em well. Great fishing in beautiful north west wind.

Monday 10/25/21: A report from Capt Matt Roth, Mike and Chris of BEAST
Capt Matt Roth took crew of Mike and Chris to Rockaway reef for Blackfish on Sunday. The wind against tide conditions in the am made anchoring difficult but the crew bridled super tight and sat in one spot just off the high stuff through both tides. They built action all the morning and limited out by 1pm with fish to 4.5lbs. Bay Park Green crabs and self-caught whites did the trick.

Thursday 9/30/21: A report from Junior & Alex Adams of ‘Fish Tracker’
9/30 Team ‘Fish Tracker’ with father Junior & son Alex Adams weighed in a 208 lb Bluefin Tuna they caught on a live Bunker & Bay Park 130lb Seaquar Fluoro Carbon Leader on a Red Penn 6/0 !!! Congratulations guys!!!!!

Thursday 9/30/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished BFT on 9/18 boating a 72 inch fat slob weighing 230 lbs on a bent butt 80 in 38 minutes.Russ Guarneri buried the harpoon and ended the fight. Ran to porgy area yesterday and put 60 plus jumbos on board as well as 3 keeper fluke and dozens of released scup as we had enough. Great fighting them on ultralight tackle.Hit Rockaway reef but all short on seabass. Beautiful day.

Friday 8/27/21: A report from Chris, Seamus & Brian of 'On The Dawn'
Bluefin tuna weighed in at 95lb caught on 27th (signed was wrong) fished just offshore closer to the tankers.

Friday 8/27/21: A report from Martin of MJ
Congratulations Martin awesome 8.4lb Fluke Caught on the MJ on a Bay Park Peruvian Smelt & Ko 2 Hook Fluke Killer

Thursday 8/19/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Joined yhe fleet wed for a shot at BFT inshore and after a thresher slapped our baits and leaped 10 ft we got the right bite.Screaming reel and 55 minutes later we had leader in hand and were looking at an estimated 75 inch fish which we locked up drag and pulled the hook. The coast guard came up on us as we were done to check our catch. These guys are listening to our radios and keeping their distance waiting to pounce.I have total respect for the limits and we must protect this amazing fishery that has made our area the envy of all our coast.A most memorable day with my crew. We all got time on the rod as we fished standup only for a day to remember always

Sunday 8/15/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished AB all day Saturday for our Atlantic Beach Rod and Gun club fluke tournament boating 10 quality keepers and releasing over 100 shorts. Mackerel porgies and seabass also in the mix. Awesome day.

Sunday 8/15/21: A report from Lloyd Malsin of Nansea II
Fished AB all day Saturday for our Atlantic Beach Rod and Gun club fluke tournament boating 10 quality keepers and releasing over 100 shorts. Mackerel porgies and seabass also in the mix. Awesome day.

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